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Hillary Clinton to launch new podcast

Hillary Clinton has announced that she is launching a podcast to “open up new avenues of discussion with some of the people I find most fascinating”.

The former US Secretary of State and presidential candidate has signed up for a 24-episode series called You and Me Both with Hillary Clinton. The first episode is due to be release on September 29 and the show will feature interviews with guests including feminist activist Gloria Steinem, comedian Sarah Cooper and the hosts of Call Your Girlfriend podcast, Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman.

“I’m excited to bring these eye-opening, powerful, sometimes hilarious conversations to the forefront and open up new avenues of discussion with some of the people I find most fascinating,” Clinton said in a statement.

“This podcast is a chance to talk about subjects that are too often overlooked and share the inspiration and education I’ve gotten from my guests.”

The news follows on from Michelle Obama, the wife of former President Barack Obama, unveiling her own show, The Michelle Obama Podcast, in July.

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