Our top 5 tips for promoting your podcast on #InternationalPodcastDay

1. Put yourself in your audience's shoes (ears)

Who's listening to your show? Why are they listening? It's only when you start to consider the value you're offering to your audience alongside the value you get from creating the show that you'll start to be able to effectively promote it.

2. Get snappy with your show description

Imagine a friend asks you about your show. How would you describe it to them? Can you do it in a sentence or less? Your need to consider your potential audience as new friend - how are you describing it to them?

3. Promote your show like it's an episode of your show

Is your show funny or serious? Full of advice or banter? Whatever the tone and whatever the show, your promotion needs to reflect it so potential listeners can feel a connection to what you're offering. Consider creating promotional content as if it were a micro-miniature episode of your podcast! If your show were a tweet, what would it look like?

4. Create newsworthy content

Unless it's a ground-breaking or unique new format, the fact you have a podcast isn't, in itself, newsworthy. To help get your show noticed in the press you need to create episodes, invite guests and cover topics that are relevant, topical and have something to say. Have you got a unique perspective on how your topic is being affected by COVID-19? Has your guest got an amazing story to share? Are you talking about something for the first time?

5. Promotion is as important as production

To create your podcast you've bought a microphone, licensed some editing software and spent many hours recording and editing it. Are you doing the same when it comes to promotion? With over one million podcasts released, it's more important than ever to have a solid promotions strategy behind it. Some companies advise you spend 2-3 times on promotion as you do on production! Consider allocating some time and money to promotion when you plan your next series.

For advice and help with all of the above, check our promotions packs or contact promotions@earplugpr.com

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