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'YouTube of audio' launches

Vurbl offers 'one-stop-shop' for content

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Vurbl today launches its "revolutionary" online audio platform which the company says "breaks ground in the audio ecosystem".

Vurbl hopes to mirror what YouTube has achieved for video content, giving audio creators a place to host, build an audience and earn advertising revenue. For listeners, Vurbl says, "it’s a one-stop-shop for free learning and entertainment", saving users valuable time searching the internet for content.

Audra Gold, CEO and co-founder of Vurbl, said: “We do believe our timing for Vurbl’s launch could not be better. More than ever, people are searching for free digital entertainment and learning resources to fill the time they used to spend at events, parties, social gatherings and work.

“We see millions of audio queries on Google and YouTube that reflect demand for audio but the results are generally pretty dismal. Discovery is hard, cohesive consumption experience is harder, and advertisers have very few options in reaching all the people out there consuming free audio. This has led to a huge missed opportunity for brands and the creators that can be making money from their content.”

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